Prior to us working with Wendy, we didn’t have the most positive experiences with realtors. Wendy’s friendly, down to earth manner, professionalism and knowledge of the market were qualities we really appreciated. She followed through on all her commitments and ensured our open houses were very successful. We were extremely pleased with Wendy and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone thinking about selling their home.

Lisa D

Wendy helped me to buy, and later, sell, my first home. She made it easy, by listening to my needs, being super patient, explaining every s tep, and sharing her expertise. She was professional, followed through the whole way, made sure I was comfortable, and always had a smile. I put my trust in Wendy and Teamcity, and would recommend her to my family!!

Wendy S

Wendy and her team took very good care of me. I was very intimidated to put my condo on the market with fear of being taken advantage of, but Wendy and her team are completely trustworthy, and with their combined years of experience they give excellent advice. They have their fingers on the pulse of the Vancouver market, so they know what to do, and exactly when to do it. They even helped me with little details like cleaning and packing, and they even staged my condo at no extra charge! Wendy was there to answer all of my questions and no question was too small! If you want a realtor of whom will Maximize the value of your property, and be with you every step of the way, then Wendy Mills and her team are there for you! Don’t even hesitate… just call her right now and she will meet with you right away. You can relax once you’ve hired them… it’s like a weight is lifted off your shoulders and you have nothing to worry about. Call Wendy today!

Leanne Jackett